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Solar Energy Technology for the 21st Century

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California Sunlight Corporation, a solar energy innovator, develops and manufactures ultra-light, ultra-compact, portable, high efficiency, and cost-effective solar energy products for sustainable living, developing countries, outdoor recreation, emergency preparedness, and STEM education. 

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Power for outdoor & emergency

Climb highest mountains:

 Survive harsh conditions:

Hike longest trails:

Enjoy free power for cooking, heating, charging, lighting anywhere:

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 Toward a sustainable future, one product at a time



  SPECIAL FEATURED Solar Balloon Product Line,  Includes:

       1. Silver Balloon Solar Cooker:


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       2. Solar Balloon Energy Kit      




   3. Silver Balloon Mini Cooker


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Comparison of different solar balloon cookers.


STEM Education

Specialized solar energy kits:



Easy to follow, curriculum based lesson plans:

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