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Solar Cooking Technology for the 21st Century

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The Lightest & Most Portable Solar Cooking System on the Planet: Solar Balloon Cooker


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California Sunlight has developed another breakthrough in Solar Cooking technology. The Solar Balloon Cooker can easily fit in your pocket, glove box, or an emergency kit. At under 3 oz it's light enough for the most discriminating backpacker.

Folded Dimension:    3"x5"x0.2"

Collection Area:        23" x 23"

Weight:                       ~ 3.0 ounces

Material:                     Nylon/Aluminum

Optical Efficiency:    > 75%

Max Temperature:   > 300 Degrees F


Outstanding Performance at under 3 oz.

Harness the clean, efficient, and free heat energy from the sun. No gas, charcoal, electricity, or other fuel is required. It's low cost to own and no cost to use!

The safe and clean California Sunlight Solar Balloon Cooking System is ideal for:

Solar Balloon       Cook Kit


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Everything you need in a small package, including: